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Too much negativities

Look beyond that smile of mine for a moment, as I am going to talk about a series of negative events. 

After this week, I've concluded that the world has really become a very distorted. I couldn't really find the right way to describe this. Our society has became so advanced and empowering that everyone feels that their voice can be heard and should be heard. This also makes consciously or subconsciously feed many people's ego, they feel that their way should be the right way. And it is disgusting. 

Incident 1: There is this handicapped old men sitting on the wheelchair selling tissue paper at the entrance of the MRT station near my house, trying to earn a small living. There is absolutely nothing wrong in this. What appalled me was that, when I walked past not buying anything from him, I heard him said "Mai ke ke", which means don't act blur/don't pretend to ignore.  I really feel disgusted by this. You can't take our pity as the right to live. I acknowledge that you are less fortunate than me, I admit I did not want to help by buying your tissue, but you shouldn't exploit your unfortunateness. 

Incident 2: I was walking along the a very crowded walkway in a shopping center when I bumped into my dad. So I wanted to turn around and head back the direction I came from. It was then a white man pushing a pram behind me and knock into me as I stopped to turn. He wasn't apologetic at all and said "you gotta keep walking." I rolled my eyes and walked away. I didn't even bother replying. I guess there are differences in everyone's principles. However, you should also be mindful of the surrounding you are in. On a macro level, you are in my country, an asian society, we value courtesy and respect. On a individual level, I just feel that as a man, one should have more magnanimity and act as a gentleman. 


Just my personal opinion, as I am seriously offended by all these negativities I encountered recently. I know its not worth it to be bothered by these unreasonable people, but I am seriously super annoyed.