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Give me a air ticket, let me fly

O dear O dear, I realise how much i miss traveling. Even if its for business, when i do not get anytime to myself, but its just so unraveling. I get to see so much more, understand so much deeper, once in a while when I got time to take a breather, I feel the different air that I sucked in. Everything is so mind-opening, literally. Not brain-blocked like when you're stuck in the daily routine. I love that it disturbs my drill, disrupts my daily one-dimensional trips from home to office back to home route.

I feel that I learn so much when I am traveling. I get inspired, I get ideas, I get enlightened. I am back to status quo when I am not traveling. Honestly, I feel sad every time I land at Singapore Changi Airport. 

I crave for the world.