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Rock the boat

My first corporate offsite and my first corporate offsite that I planned. I would like to say the process is even more bumpy and choppy than the waves. But I have survived. And I got the chance to shoot on this Royal Albatross which is a tall ship that has 5 seconds of fame in The Dark Knight movie.

Coincidentally, it is also the one year anniversary since I graduated from my Bachelor. This time last year I was finishing my last final exam, rushing for my small booth opening and worrying about an unemployed and uncertain future. 

Fast forwarding a year, right now I am packing my bags to leave for Spain tonight. A much delayed gratification for the past (few) year(s) of hard work, which makes it so much sweeter. 

P.S I think I will think twice for going on any type of cruise in the future, I can literally still feel the motion of rocking to the wave right now as I type this post at home. Although this cruise is already super calm compared to a terrible experience at Cinque Terre, I have concluded that cruising is not my favourite mode of transport.