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Singapore's version of Fall

Although Singapore does not have 4 seasons, but its definitely the more rainy & windy period when its nearing the end of the year. Sometimes I imagine (or revisit those memories) the times if I have to change my wardrobe according to the season. Every few months some clothes can not be worn anymore, it is quite horrifying, thinking how much clothes I own, I probably won't even be able to finish my summer clothes before winter comes. On the other hand, I can still remember the hundreds of times when I curse on the tropical weather 24/7 in Singapore as it limits so many styles (especially layering ones) that we can pull off without becoming a soaking potato. 

As it is fall season everyone else in the world, I tried to find deeper tones of outfit now. I really fall in love with the colour of this skirt when I first saw it. Definitely adding a little spark to my daily routine, literally. 

Anyways, T-minus:
- 2 more weeks to Spain!!

For sure, more fall outfits to look out for by then.