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Not so easy

Look at that holiday glow

Hello! I am back, sorry for the missing in action. I am not a qualified blogger as I am sure professional blogger will bring along their laptops to holiday, edit and update as they go along. Well, I just really need a break, a real holiday. Maybe one day, if I reach that goal, I will be able to go on a real blogger trip, who knows.

As you know, I was in Spain for the past week. Although I am really excited to share with you all the snippets, but my hard drive is overloaded with the megabytes of photos. But surely, I will be slowly sharing them. So here is the first one, second time in the beautiful city - Barcelona, this time with this all time favourite outfit. (Even suitable for not-so-cold fall.) 

Don't even get me started on how fall outfits are soooo hard to style and pull off. You need to understand I live in an all year round 30 degrees celsius city. Although with numerous fantasies of layering, I think I still underestimated it. 

That said, this is definitely one outfit that I am really satisfied. So stay tuned for more!