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With or without shirt?

Look 1

Look 2

It is the time of the year again, where you can bring out your blings to try to win the sparkles on the christmas tree. This year, I spent the first week of December in Spain and had a feel of how Christmas is (going to be) spent. What I have realised is that this year's fall trend is definitely revolving around velvet, however I have yet to find one that is suitable on me. So I have created my own interpretation of what I would wear to Christmas party (if any, lol) this year. 

2 looks revolving around the same basic piece, only difference is with or without shirt. [insert smirk emoji] For the colder countries or if you want to jump on to the two-piece bandwagon, if you may consider layering. Else, I really like a simple maxi dress that I can just put on effortlessly. Did I mention it is also perfect to hide the food baby in this festive season? So this is definitely my latest favourite LBD addition in my wardroble. 

What are you planning to rock on this Christmas? Can't wait to see what's everyone else's style so do comment below in the post or tag me @xincerely_ on ig or whichever, I am looking forward to see it!