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Merry Christmas

I think I found the next it place that Chanel should hold their runway show. 

I've also concluded that I love to live in a glasshouse and pretend to be a pot of plant. 

If I ever get to write my own fairytale story, I will have a crystal castle. 

There's definitely a thread of surreal tranquility in this Crystal Palace that makes you want to stay in that place a little longer. A place where you can just put everything down for a second, to just relax in the moment. Enjoy the ray of sunshine that falls through the glass panel, and listen to the sound of fallen leaves over the glass rooftop. 

This Christmas, no matter where you're, I wish you're having a good time with your love ones and also spend some quality time with yourself. We celebrate a year of learning and experiences gained, we look forward to a new year ahead with new achievements unlock.

Cheers and hope you find your own crystal palace.