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A sport-shoes-and-hair-flinging affair

Do you know how hard it is to be a woman, even in 21st century?

It was hard in the olden days, but it is still difficult now, in other aspects. For one, I feel that it is really a tough work for woman to fully balance their life. 

To be driven yet not to be seen as aggressive. 
To be soft spoken yet to be out spoken (and be able to sound as loud/fast/deep as our male counterpart). 
To be always look well put together yet to be careful not to become the pretty vase in the room. 
To be gentle (so not to be bitch-like) yet to get the point across clearly. 
To be able to excel at your work place yet to be able to settle all the housework when at home. 
To be career/goal-driven yet to have a stable relationship with someone before the max-society-norm- of-acceptable-age of 30.
To be able to ask for help but not be seen as a needy one or too strong-headed to ask for help. 
To be able to run as fast and as quick in our sport shoes yet to strike down the hall in our 5-inch heel and flick our hair.

Boy oh boy, ironically

2017 has just begin and I am feeling the need to grasp more air in order to balance my womanhood.