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CNY calls for a red outfit 

Happy Chinese New Year!

It is the time of the year where our homes flood with fat-inducing pineapple tarts (do not start singing PPAP) and my Instagram feed floods with everyone's CNY ootd. 

Everyone is all decked out in super pretty dresses (maxi, body hugging, coat, qipao, heels, etc) which make me wonder where did they get it from cos apparently my new year clothes shopping did not go as successfully as theirs. Captions with "Time of the year to have a CNY ootd without feeling too shameless." makes me think am I being too shameless in general 365 days of the year. 

Unlike most others, my CNY traditions are quite chill which consists of mainly sitting at home and burry my face in pineapple tarts and movies marathon. After 2 days of that, I got my ass out to have a chillax afternoon with my BFF. Still trying to be involved in the CNY spirit as much as possible, I am decked in red/pink. (Which I have put in the effort to be in red for the past week already, as mainstream and superstitious as it is.) 

I think I've mentioned this before (but no harm repeating and important things need to be repeated thrice), the one essential rule that I've learnt in the past years is that - comfort above all others. You look best when you're comfortable. Thus, more and more, I have been ruling the world in sport shoes and baggy pants. Thus, here's my take of a not so conventional CNY outfit. 

How did you dress for CNY?