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 Subtle but loud

2 more days to Chinese New Year (CNY). New year, new beginning. (I can only that twice a year - NY and CNY, so just let me get away with this now.) 

Instead of the usual must-have-all-red outfit for the sake of auspiciousness for CNY, you can still rock a CNY outfit by adding smaller key red items. Subtle but loud. Maybe all you need is a new bold red lipstick. (For all the last minute/lazy to shop for CNY clothing people, I got your backs.)

Also, I thought I will try out a new editing style for a change. It is totally not because I shot these in bad lighting which is the golden rule of photography, totally not.

Ironically, for the new year, I hope that my photos can reach a greater heights. I hope that I will have more time to explore and try out different shoots. I hope that I will not forget my dreams for my blog. (I also hope that I will lose  minimum 3kg more before my 24th bday.) 

If you celebrate CNY too, let me know how it goes and how your rock it! :)