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Oh my god, the sun is too hot

Its only been the first week of 2017 and Singapore is already scorching hot. 

Literally burning, its about 33 degrees celsius over the weekend. 

Totally unbearable. Although Singapore is tropical all year round, but temperature do variate slightly according to the four seasons. End of the year is usually more cooling with more rain. June is typically much more hot. However, this time it feels like it is going to be 2 summers this year already. 

(This is why I can hardly ever do layering look book because heaven forbids here.)

I tend to stick to easy primary colours palette now (denim is essential but not jeans as they are often too hot for this weather too) for a quick fuss-free errand run. Not to forget, comfortable sandals that allow you to run to the nearest air-conditional shelter. 

If any of you out there, aspiring fashionistas, why not challenge yourself by staying in Singapore for a couple of months, and see how much variation you can come up with in this weather limitation. :P