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My largest collection of Spanish photographs yet.

I know, my procrastination has reached a new level now. It has been almost a month and a half since I got back from this Spain holiday. It took me a while to organise the photos as my Mac has ran out of storage space by "Others", and I have no idea how to erase them which result to me clearing a lot of old photos and school files (oops). Who else face this problem? Please enlighten me. 

That said, it should not be an excuse as well. Better late than never! So here are some of the highlights in Barcelona, Madrid, Seville that I visited during this trip. It has been lovely. My perception of Spain has not changed since my last visit 2 years ago, it is still a very vibrant, colourful and exotic place, none quite like this in other European cities. Although its winter is not very cold, but I will also very much wish I can visit in Summer to enjoy the beach, etc. Also, Ibiza is still on my to-visit list! O darn, why am I not staying in Europe so I can visit a different city every weekend. Once again, I am reminiscing my good old school exchange days. (I will do anything to experience/make that happen again.)

Thinking out loud here, this is my a list of places that I have been wanting to visit for the longest time already. But I just need to fulfil 2 criteria before I go: 1) Find a travel partner, 2) Or manage to convince my parents and myself to go alone.

- Iceland 
- Morocco
- Dubai 
- Ibiza 
- Croatia

I need to stop repeating places that I have visited before already (that said, I am having a short getaway to Taiwan in Feb), I really wish to have a new adventure soon.