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2 Outfits

You see it and now you don't

There is no easy way to do this. To make this post, I mean. 

If you noticed the change of background and my subtle wings disappearing (and appearing), you will know my dilemma. I wanted to skive and take the easy way out to put these photos in 2 separate posts, just so I have a longer lead time to take my next set of shoots. However, I guess the marginal differences is gonna bring me hate if I really did that. HAHA!

Can I just justify by saying that you absolutely can recycle your outfits by making marginal/DIY changes. You've seen people layering different tops and creating a new look, (sadly that is almost impossible in this 24/7 all year round 30 degree celsius tropical weather in Singapore), you've seen people cut of their jeans to shorts, and so you've probably seen people (that's referring to me) that hide and unhide their sleeves. 

Ok fine, next time I will make up my mind before I start taking photos of my outfit.