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Till it is all worn out 

A close friend of mine once said "The 2 most important things in a girl's outfit are shoes and bag, and they have to be leather." 

Over time, I have to say it did stuck with me more and more. I see the importance of leather goods, it can really revive a boring outfit. Good quality and value for money really comes a long way. That being said, this is my latest pair of leather shoes added to the collection. I think it all started 4 years ago when I owned my first one, I have wore it N-th times and you have seen it N-th times (You know which one I'm talking about right? Here). It got to a point that I have sent it for repair twice in almost all areas of the shoes but I refused to give it up. That is also the main reason why I haven't showcase it recently as I try to keep it safely in my cabinet more to prevent further worn out. 

This new pair, I have been eyeing for months. Recently it was on 50% sale so almost without a flinch, I got it. I just got really attracted to the classiness, easy to pair and a little bit of heels to give me the slight elevation that I really shouldn't do without.

What is your favourite pair of shoes?