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Taiwan 2017

Of the sun, sea and mountain

I just came back from my Taiwan trip!

It was a short 4.5 days trip but it was nothing short of eventful. (eventful as in besides the activity-filled days but also in terms of rashes, bad cramps, throw up from sea sickness, headache all on the same day.)

We took a plane, a train and boat all in the short period of 30 hours. We traveled out of Taipei (which is the bustling "capital" city) to Hualien, a more country side town in the middle of Taiwan. The view was really amazing, I can't remember the last time I had a non-city destination for vacation. It is so good! The view can really take your mind off a few worrisome things. Went to Taroko National Park and set sail on the Pacific Ocean to look for dolphins and whales (which we did! While I was throwing up though). 

Taipei is still awesome as ever, filled with tons of delicious street food and affordable clothing. One of the best city to eat and shop your hearts out. That is exactly what we did, thus coming back with a few kg heavier and 3 overweight luggages. 

Did you realise most of my photos has a black dot on it? (Hopefully not, just take it as a watermark yea) I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED TO MY LENS!! Anyone please help. I tried cleaning it many times already, feels like it just get darker and darker. 

Thinking about the next vacation already~~