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Who I think I am and who am I really. 

I am always scared to wear long/maxi dresses. I feel that it may be a bit too formal for any occasion, too formal for work, too formal for a weekend brunch, too formal for a friend's gathering. 

Therefore, this dress has been buried in my closet for almost half a year since I have got it. This is the first time I wore it out. 

To be honest, it is not as bad as I thought. I think it is all in the mind, I am caging myself with all the fantasy rules I have set for myself. To blend in with majority. The truth is, if I were overseas, I would wear that dress out the very next day I got it. I am more bold because I know I am already the odd one out so nothing for me to lose. I embrace the difference. 

But somehow that doesn't apply when I am back in home ground. The more familiar a place is, the more rules you preset and presume in your mind. Feels like it is much easier to be judged when bumped into a familiar face or something. & that's limiting.

I want to live freely and truly.