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Did you know Green has the most numbers of shades compared to any other colors? 

I didn't know, I always thought its Blue that has the most number of shades, which was largely convinced by the various magnificent oceans I have seen around the world so far. You know when you go on a beach holiday, you sit by the ocean, on a sun bed, underneath a gigantic beach umbrella, getting those almost-perfect beach hair... (what am I saying again?) Oh right, and you spend the time to admire the beautiful endless ocean and see how the shades changes.

On that note, have we done the same to admire the trees/mountains for example. Maybe its just me, that I give much lesser to the greens compared to the blues. This Taiwan trip has been eye opening in the sense that I learnt to appreciate the mountains much more now. Perhaps because I have not seen anything like this elsewhere. (Now that I recall, the mountains I have seen are usually bare - brown.)

Lucky for me, I got to bring a fraction of a green back with me - "Olive" plated skirt. (I am really bad with naming, all kinds of naming) You know I can rarely hide my excitement, so yes I wore it out almost immediately after I bought it. Pairing with the only pair of shoes I bought for the trip, so hopefully it is still a fashionable mix.

(Yes, I can never reach the other fashion blogger level of bringing their cutest outfit selection on to trips. But give me a break, I am just gone for 4 days. No no, not a good enough excuse if you want to be a fashion blogger

Excuse me, for the side-tracked monologue. 

P.S You know you are smiling so crazily (happily) because 1) finally met with your long distance best pal and 2) we are going for ice cream afterwards.