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Riding on the mainstream trend

Yes, I am officially into this jean trend (1- ankle cut, 2- Side stripe) as well. 

10 years ago, if you tell me I can look good in Jeans, I will laugh into your face. (Probably cos 10 years ago, I am only 14 and the only kind of jeans I'll wear is the kind with barbie prints/pink diamonds) I start to distant myself as far away as possible. Really hated how it make my legs look. 

Nowadays there are so many pretty jeans style - Mom Jeans, Boyfriend Jeans, my jeans above ^. Its a rekindle love. The realisation of how easy to style and wear, you will never want to waste another brain cell on styling, especially on fridays when you snooze a little too long than usual. 

Do you wear jeans often?