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Taken on iPhone X

Got my hands on the new iPhone X!! 

It definitely takes a while to get use to the buttonless interface (like in an hour cos I have been hogging onto it ever since). I am still exploring it by making funny faces and see if I can still unlock my phone. Waking up in the morning seems a bit easier now because I literally need to open my eyes to start using my phone, or I need to waste 5 secs to key in my 4-digit passcode. 

First day out with my new phone, definitely need to see how the legendary camera works. This whole set of photos were taken by it, maybe I overdone the editing a little, but I let you be the judge. I feel that some apps may not have updated to the latest, it has been lagging and "incompatible" such as Instastories, it has been really stretch and my doodling has been moved all around. Well, hopefully this will be fix over time. 

On the side note, break into this summer maxi dress today (& it started pouring a while later). I swear I have been looking for such a maxi dress for the longest time, and how inconveniently I only got it after my Positano trip, else it will be perfect!