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It was a clear blue sky, it all was for the four times

My forth time in Italy, my forth time in Vatican, yes you heard me right. 

When I thought I have seen it all already for the forth time, who knew there are new unexplored places that I have never been to before in the past three times - climbing to the top of the Basilica. Yes we climbed, although there's the lift option, we decide to clock in our daily cardio by climbing a few hundred steps. Well at least the view at the end pays off well, much better than doing 400 steps stair master in the gym. 

Feels like the Italy trip has been awhile ago already, so much things have happened since I am back. I am already exhausted and usually I crave for another trip. But now whats on top of my mind is just to finish their year strong and well. On the side note, my parents are going to be out of town for 2 weeks! *teenage squeaks* Maybe I can create some magic at home too. :)