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Welcome back!

This should be the longest hiatus since I started blogging. How did this happened, you may ask.
I think I was really distracted, by a lot of things going on in my life. However, after 2 months which consist of 2 trips, I don't think I have much things to update. A lot of things going on in my life, but no results/updates to show. That is the worst part - being stagnant.

Owell, I hope I can keep up of blogging more regularly now. I owe you guys 2 trips update - Bangkok and UK.

(I think another reason why I stopped blogging for a bit is because I stop bringing my DSLR out that often. It is really heavy, and my nice bags would not fit it, often I feel like I am a Christmas tree dangling with items to carry which annoys me. And I am also not a fan of big bags.
Ok, a lot of excuses there, I am not professional. But does anyone feel the same as me?)

Now that I want to upload photos, my Mac's memory is full and I cannot import shit. THE WORLD IS STOPPING ME FROM BLOGGING.


(Update: found an iPhone App that I can post directly)