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What you can do in a carpark beside parking your car.

Who knew you can have so much fun in the carpark. 

Especially wearing a raincoat on a sunny day, indoors. I guess you can call that fashion. 
Well, it did start raining about 3 hours later. I just have the foresight. 

2 more weeks to the new year and I cannot tell you how busy it is at work now. Can't wait for 15th Jan's meeting to be over. Definitely need a holiday then, regardless if it goes well or not. Looking forward to the next #ABMsUncaged trip. 

I truly believe 2019 cannot be any worst since I think I pretty much have hit rock bottom this year. Please don't prove me wrong, 2019. I need some of my luck back please. GIVE ME SOME GOOD NEWS ALREADY PLEASEEEE~